Ancient Wisdom for Modern Thriving

Beth Leone, Master InstructorHi, I’m Beth Leone.

I am a lifelong student of qigong, healing, spirituality and sacred relationship. I have been trained by masters for much of my life and my commitment is to share what has been taught to me.  My offerings are dedicated to the healing and spiritual expansion of the individual while deeply communing with the power of the body.

We have a great opportunity available to us today as the wisdom that was once hidden on sexuality in now in our reach.

By embodying the ancient wisdom that our ancestors have passed down to us, we are able to unlock the power that lies with us. The power is within you to create sanctuaries of creativity, beauty and peace. The ancient taoist arts are full of treasures that help our modern lives. Treasures of movement, thought, diet and herbs…

I hope that the information in this site helps you become even more radiant, powerful and healthy!

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Thriving

The Fundamentals of Qigong Online Course by Master Instructor, Beth Leone

Qigong develops a stronger, healthier body. In this online Qigong Program, Master Beth Leone will guide you through the Fundamentals of Qigong. What you will learn is the foundation of  every Qigong practice. This Qigong program was developed by Beth for the beginner and intermediate qigong practitioner as a simple and effective way to integrate Qigong into your daily life. Beth Leone is the first master in her martial art lineage and is well known for making the complex simple. Enjoy!

In this Online Qigong Course you receive:

  • The Fundamentals of Qigong Book – 100 pages $30 Value
  • The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Video  $20 Value
  • Simple Qigong Warmup Video $20 Value
  • The Basic Stances Video  $20 Value
  • The Basic Circles Video $20 Value
  • Beginners Meditation Audio FREE
  • The Inner Smile Meditation Audio FREE
  • The 10 Points of Awareness Standing Meditation Audio FREE
  • The Standing Tree Meditation Audio FREE
  • The 40 Day Gong Tracking Sheet FREE
  • The Black Belt Curriculum Preview
  • Bonus Book! The Tao of How You Eat $20 Value

A $130 Value

Buy Now for only $47!

Breast Massage for Firmer, Fuller, Healthier Breasts

Every woman can benefit from breast massage. In fact, science shows that breasts massage helps fight cancer. Breast massage also creates fuller, more pert breasts while stimulating the secretion of powerful anti-aging hormones. Breast massage is not new. Women in Asia perfected the art of breast massage for health and youthfulness at least 2,000 years ago. Known simply as Taoist Breast Massage, this ancient health ritual is famed for keeping women healthy and young and is now becoming a part of women’s fitness routines all around the world. Buy Here

Benefits of Breast Massage

1) Breast Massage Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

2) Increases Breast Size

3) Prevents Sagging

4) Helps You Look Younger

5) Increases Pleasure

6) Lifts Stress and Depression



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